EA-817A: Universal advanced antenna trainer

EA-817A: Universal advanced antenna trainer

Teaching, demonstration and practice of MATV and SMATV in an actual installation assembled and configured that includes all the necessary mounting accessories.

The Advanced Antenna Trainer EA-817A is a comprehensive education system designed for teaching, demonstration and practice of telecommunications infrastructure installations:

  • MATV (Master Antenna Television) Digital
  • SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna Television) Digital

... and the development of skills to installing and assembling. The trainer is also prepared for the current regulations of Telecommunications Infrastructures.

The trainer is supplied with an actual installation assembled and configured.

ANTENNAS UHF and Off-Set (includes reflector, 4 outputs LNB with polariser, LNB support and fasteners
MATV EQUIPMENT Set of 10 UHF programmable filters, VHF and FM amplifier, Power supply (integrated into a single module)
MATV DISTRIBUTION Splitter, Taps, User access point, Terminal box, Socket divider
SMATV DISTRIBUTION Switchable splitter (with internal amplifier), IF sockets
USER EQUIPMENT Digital TV receivers (terrestrial and satellite)
ACCESSORIES Inclinometer, Compass, Cables, Connectors, Tools...
  • Theory and Practice Manuals
  • User’s manual
  • Technical Documentation
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Regulations

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