FA-363C: Alimentation CC 30V,5A (aux +15V,-15V,+5V,-5V)

FA-363C: Alimentation CC 30V,5A (aux +15V,-15V,+5V,-5V)

Alimentation continue fournissant une sortie variable de 0 à 30 V et de 0 à 5 A. Elle comprend deux sorties fixes supplémentaires (15 V et 5 V), deux valeurs spécialement choisies pour alimenter soit des circuits logiques soit des circuits logiques analogiques.

The FA-363C power supply provides a variable output voltage between 0 and 30 V and current up to 5 A. All outputs are totally protected against short-circuits at any control setting, since the maximal current that can provide is internally adjusted.

The 30 V / 5 A multi-output DC power supply has two digital displays that allow the user to read simultaneously current and voltage. In this power supply, two fixed and one adjustable voltage are available, in order to avoid using several power supplies to design and repair electronic equipment.

The value of the fixed voltages has been chosen to supply either digital logic or analogue circuits at the same time. Therefore, this application is especially suitable for laboratories, repair and maintenance shops as well as for electronic and telecommunications educational centres.

Voltage From 0 to 30 V
Current From 0 to 5A
Output 1 ±15 V, 1 A
Output 2 ±5 V, 1 A
Voltage ±(0.2% reading + 2 digits)
Current ±(1.0% reading + 2 digits)

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